Welcome to UMD's Cybersecurity Club (UMDCSEC)! We are a group of passionate students with a love for cybersecurity. We regularly host a variety of technical and non-technical talks, hands-on workshops, and participate in cybersecurity capture the flag (CTF) competitions. In addition, we organize an annual competition, UMDCTF. (more)

Our Officers

Take a peep at who used to run the club here: Former Officers


How do I join the club?
You can join the club by visiting our TerpLink Page, which will give you access to a discord invite, which is where most of our communication occurs.

Is there a time commitment?
Nope! Everyone is welcome to our meetings and you are free to pick and choose which ones you come to!

What kind of experience do I need to join?
Absolutely none! We are open to students from all disciplines and status at UMD. We are here to learn from one another and have a good time!

When are the meetings this semester?
The first meeting will be scheduled sometime very shortly. As for concurrent GBMs, we will poll the members in the discord to figure out the best times to have the meetings each week.

Are meetings going to be in-person?
As of now, we are planning on meeting in person under accordance of UMD's masking policy. We just received access to a new lab space and hope to host some fun events in there this semester.

What kind of competitions do you do as a club?
Every weekend, members of the club participate in jeopardy-style CTF competitions (link this). Every year we compete in MACCDC, which is a collegiate attack-defense competition.


Every spring, we host UMDCTF by gathering challenge developers within our community and hosting a great competition. In the past, the competition would run for 8 hours on a Saturday during the school year held in the ESJ building on campus. Due to COVID-19, the recent two years of UMDCTF have been exclusively online. Since some sense of normal is on the horizon for us all, we are thinking of running a hybrid environment for UMDCTF 2022. Whether we are fully online, fully in-person, or a mix of the two, UMDCTF2022 will be one for the books.

Club Calendar

Club Sponsors

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