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University of Maryland
Cybersecurity Club


The University of Maryland Cybersecurity Club is a student run organization based in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Maryland, College Park. Our main purpose is to develop and encourage cyber security awareness and application by providing students with the tools and education they need to advance their cyber security careers. To accomplish this goal, we organize community outreach programs about security related topics, host tech talks and guest speakers and participate in security related competitions and conventions.

UMD CSEC hosts 2 types of meetings


every other Tuesday at 6pm

At general body meetings, members of the cybersecurity community come to talk about the latest developments in their fields.  In past meetings, this has included hands-on demonstrations including router exploitation as well as physical security exploits such as lock picking.  One demonstration we have planned for this semester is firmware extraction from a router using the debug pins.  Join our mailing list for the latest meeting updates.

Comp Team


Competition team meetings are led by our VP, Michael Reininger, and cover practical applications of security with an emphasis on competitions.  Last semester's focus was on reverse engineering and binary exploitation.  For more information about the competition team or any upcoming CTF competitions that you are interested in forming a team for, contact Michael at

We also provide students with transportation and funding to attend competitions and conventions around the East Coast

Fall 2019 SCHEDULE

Date Topic Speaker
09/24/2019 Introductions & Welcome UMD CSEC
10/15/2019 Introduction to Pentesting
10/24/2019 Competition Team UMD CSEC
10/29/2019 Malware/Reverse Engineering
General Dynamics
11/12/2019 MITM SSL Attacks
Booz Allen Hamilton
11/25/2019 Competition Team UMD CSEC
12/3/2019 Introduction to Hardware Hacking


Spring 2020 SCHEDULE

Date Topic Speaker
02/11/2020 Lockpicking
Blue Star
02/20/2020 Competition Team UMD CSEC
02/25/2020 Ghidra
Blue Star
03/10/2020 TBD
03/19/2020 Competition Team UMD CSEC
03/24/2020 Fuzzing and Vuln Research Trail of Bits
04/07/2020 TBD TBD
04/14/2020 Competition Team UMD CSEC
04/18/2020 UMDCTF UMD CSEC + Sponsors
04/21/2020 TBD TBD
05/05/2020 2020/2021 Elections UMD CSEC

Our Sponsors

Mailing Address

5149 Iribe Bldg
8125 Paint Branch Dr
College Park, MD 20740

On-Campus Lab

1322 A.V. Williams Bldg
8223 Paint Branch Dr
College Park, MD 20740

2019-2020 Officer Cadre
President: Wesley Weidenhamer
Vice President: Michael Reininger
Secretary: Colin Huemmer
Treasurer: Ben Carlisle
Software Dev. Lead: Christopher Brown
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Marsh